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ADA for Websites - The Web Accessibility Puzzle

By Sangeeta Gupte

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A snapshot of the compliance, guidelines, and rationale “Oh, we have a small website, so we do not need to be ADA1-compliant!” Or…

Drupal vs WordPress

By Divya PM

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Drupal vs WordPress Drupal and Wordpress are two of the most widely used Content Management Systems. Both servers as open - source…

Why Preventive Website Maintenance is Better than Reactive Maintenance

By Team Position²

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At the crux of a technological revolution, “good” is no longer good enough. In addition to nurturing success by the book,…

Changing with the times comes easy with jQuery

By Henry Robert R

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The term ‘User Experience’ or ‘UX’ is essentially demand based development on ‘User Analytics.' It focuses more on users’ needs,…