Changing with the times comes easy with jQuery

The term ‘User Experience’ or ‘UX’ is essentially demand based development on ‘User Analytics.’ It focuses more on users’ needs, limitations of the interface and improvising them to give a better experience. And improving quality to provide ease of navigation to the users. One such plugin is the jQuery inline pop-up.

What is jQuery inline pop-up?

It is a simple plugin that shows content and images within an inline frame using a simple jQuery code. It enables users to expand preview as can be seen in Google Image. jQuery inline pop-up not only improves user engagement and interaction but also helps in providing high-quality images or add more content.

With user mindset either changing or adapting to new user experiences, jQuery inline pop-up is here for the long haul or till such time developers find a better way. This may be the reason why major technology players such as Google, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress, and other open source technologies have them as a feature. Also why most websites are likely to have this as a feature.

Interested in the jQuery inline popup, here are the links for you to use.

GitHub URL to download:

Demo URL to check functionality:

So, what are you waiting for? Get on with providing a better and greater user experience with jQuery plugin and what’s more; it is free.

Team Position2

January 17, 2017

By Team Position2