The pod is hosted by Rajiv Parikh (CEO of Position2), a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a business news junkie, and a history nerd.

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Episode 15

Milana Vayntrub is a Creative Force for Good -Art, Collaboration, Authenticity

Milana Vayntrub / 11 May 2024

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Episode 7

Not Hitting the Nail on the Head is OK/Rishi Mallik - Workato, Experimentation, Taking Risks

Rishi Mallik / 18 January 2024

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Episode 8

From Bulletin Boards to Bargain Hunting/Sumeet Jain - Liquidity, Buffalo, Buy Low

Sumeet Jain / 02 February 2024

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Episode 9

Menopause is the hottest space in Women’s Health/Joanna Stober - Estrogen, Journey, Work/Life

Joanna Stober / 15 February 2024

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Episode 10

The Hero's Journey in Business/Tae Hea Nahm - "Date" Wow, Unlearning Founders, Civilization

Hea Nahm / 29 February 2024

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Episode 11

The Value of a Healthcare Evolution Architect/Jay Desai - Ann Arbor, Obamacare, Chickens

Jay Desai / 14 March 2024

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