The pod is hosted by Rajiv Parikh (CEO of Position2), a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a business news junkie, and a history nerd.

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Episode 5

Building the New Growth Workforce with AI/Jim Kaskade - Use Cases, Playbooks, Transparency

Jim Kaskade / 14 December 2023

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Episode 4

Releasing Your Inner Tiger… to Save Lives - HealthTech, Fearless, Woman-led with Anne DeGheest

Anne DeGheest / 30 November 2023

Clock Iocn58:00
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Episode 3

People Fail More Often Than They Succeed - Epic Fails, Venture Capital and Sports Fandom

Sean Jacobsohn / 25 November 2023

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Episode 2

Money Don't Grow On Trees. It Grows in Go-To-Market - Crystal ball, B-School, AI

AJ Gandhi / 2 November 2023

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Episode 1

The OG B2B Growth Hacker - Jon Miller ~ Career Pivot, Physics, Dad Joke Game

Rajiv Parikh / 25 October 2023

Clock Iocn54:55
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