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Video Marketing is the most compelling of marketing tools. Video content has the power to boost your conversion by 80%. 90% of marketing giants say video content is integral to their growth strategy. At Position2, our video marketing solutions leverage the power of sight, sound and motion to captivate viewers and spur them to action.

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Video Marketing

What can we do for you

We create videos that enable you to achieve your targeted goals at every stage of the marketing campaign.

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    Animated Explainer Videos

    Engage your audience with our energetic, animated explainer videos that capture attention and spark imagination so your viewers are informed, entertained, and eager to take action.

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    Campaign Videos

    Make an unforgettable impact with creative campaign videos that capture attention, clarify your position, and drive your message home.

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    Customer Testimonials Videos

    Let your happy and satisfied customers do the talking and notice how the voices of real, satisfied customers convince potential buyers that you deliver on your promises.

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    Social Media Videos

    Cut through the noise with bite-sized videos that bring your message to life in fun and engaging ways perfectly suited for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels that stop scrollers in their tracks.

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    Demo/ 'How to' Videos

    Our "how to" videos visually walk your customers through processes, products, and systems simply and straightforwardly. Now, your customers can learn how to do anything with just the click of a play button!

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    Teaser Videos

    Generate buzz and excitement with compelling teaser videos that hint at what's coming up. Create teasers for upcoming product launches, event announcements, and new feature reveals. Leave your audience wanting more!

Strategic Distribution for powerful results

We optimize your customer journey for maximum conversions. Our team analyzes the path from awareness to purchase to determine where video can influence and motivate. We use targeted video content tailored to each stage that drives your audience through the funnel. We continually optimize content based on engagement data and refine messaging to ensure your content inspires action at every touchpoint.

Proven Results - More viewers become qualified leads, primed advocates, and loyal customers.

Video Marketing

Our process involves AI

VO & Music

Lenovo's new product line unveiled

During the pandemic, Lenovo partnered with us to launch their new products. We made a series of videos featuring SMB owners in LA using Lenovo's products, effectively positioning Lenovo as a top choice for SMBs.

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