Why Preventive Website Maintenance is Better than Reactive Maintenance

At the crux of a technological revolution, “good” is no longer good enough. In addition to nurturing success by the book, businesses today use “street smarts” to stay at the forefront of the industry and provide optimal products and services to their customers. Now more than ever, a company’s online presence plays a key role in delivering the brand experience to its customers and acts as a salesman for the company. Therefore, a business cannot afford to have its website down for a single minute.

What can effective website maintenance do for you and your business? The website is a company’s first point of interface with a new prospect. Prospects can find the site through various touchpoints, such as social media, mobile, desktop, email, Google search, or through website referrals. It is your job to guarantee a seamless user experience by building a clear path for prospects to follow in order to find the relevant pages that serve their business needs.

Reinforcing trust in your customers’ minds

Ten years ago, customers were reluctant to transact online, and for good reason – web technologies were in an evolutionary phase then. The reliability of e-commerce was uncertain, and everyone was skeptical about threats to customer security.

Fast forward to today, and e-commerce has now become an integral part of our society – customers utilize e-commerce platforms everyday to stay updated on company offerings and make quick, convenient purchases from the comfort of their homes. Take the retail industry, for example. Online retail chains that use innovative technologies and sophisticated e-commerce channels are able to establish a sense of trust and security in their customers and can increase sales through opening up new channels for purchase.

Increasing your business footprint

Digital marketing plays a key role in promoting your business, and you always have to be on the lookout for opportunities to reach your target audience. A well-maintained website that integrates the latest technologies will likely elicit the best digital marketing campaign results. No matter what platform you use to promote content (drip marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or email), you need to ensure your content stays updated and relevant at all times and that the links from these platforms to your website are not broken.

Say goodbye to website downtime

A website that faces the embarrassment of a “downtime” online not only loses business, but also compromises the trust of its customers. From the perspective of the customer, website downtimes are often frustrating because the customer is prevented from learning more about the company. At the same time, there is a constant stream of technology upgrades that are being brought to light, and it is extremely difficult for companies to integrate all these programs into your website efficiently. Preventive maintenance ensures you remain on top of the game all the time and never have to worry about a downtime again. Such proactive maintenance keeps your customers engaged and helps accelerate demand for your products.

How do I solve this?

Professional website maintenance providers are crucial in ensuring all potential sources of trouble are nipped in the bud. Deploying proactive monitoring techniques to ensure your website remains updated from both a content and technology perspective is essential to always stay on top of your game. Be on the lookout for software upgrades and security patches to ensure your website remains on and ready.

Team Position2

November 14, 2017

By Team Position2