Are you channeling the right data to the right stakeholders at the right time for the most effective decisions?

Integrate your analytics and data science insights into a centralized system for more effective decisions.

Evolve faster to excel as an analytics-driven organization with a streamlined flow of information and exceed targets through data.

Make decisions based on data analytics

Apply data analytics and data science effectively to be more proactive and practice preventive change in aspects that matter. We help you make the best decisions based on:

  • Performance measurement
  • Performance analytics
  • Predictive analytics

Growth is inevitable when the right decisions based on data analytics are made at the right time.

Make decisions based on data analytics

Grow faster through data-driven strategic planning and action

Identify and capture the most valuable and meaningful insights from data and convert them into competitive advantages.

Grow Faster Through

Data Analysis & Recommendations

  • User Flow Analysis

    User Flow

  • Landing page analysis

    Landing Page

  • Multi Channel Attribution


  • Conversion Analysis


We consider Position2 as part of our larger analytics and web teams. They support us on designing and building analytic dashboards in both Salesforce and DOMO, they provide updates and weekly insights, as well as using analytics to drive improved SEO, Conversion and understanding of our broad Marketing initiatives.

Jack Speyer

Director: Marketing Operations and Analytics Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing


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