Why Is User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Important for Your Business?

Research shows that rejection or mistrust of websites is 94% design related1. Good design is the difference between organizations that know what they’re talking about and ones that don’t. UI/UX can play a major role in establishing just how well. There are a few sure-shot ways to make a great impression on your customers – and having a well thought of and well-developed website is one of them. UI/UX is primarily focused on making highly engaging interfaces. It’s no surprise then that companies having an excellent user experience (UX) generate higher revenues.

Every marketer out there knows the importance of good content. It is the most crucial element in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which in turn, is critical for your business. But, how do you pique your customers’ interest to read through everything? You guessed it, UI/UX. It enables better customer service, more conversions, brand loyalty, higher retention, and positive recommendations.

A peek into User Experience (UX)

It’s the tiny details that make the big picture look flawless. UX development puts an emphasis on carefully crafting an experience for the target market. Making sure all aspects of a website from the homepage to the checkout page, from site architecture to the sign-up button are intuitive, relevant and straightforward.

Where does User Interface (UI) fit in?

Simply put, user interface (UI) in the presentation and appearance. A good UI is all about perfectly balancing the science of functionality with the art of compelling design, creating visual cues for ease of use. When you want to give your potential consumers something to remember you by, give them a great UI design. It is the biggest takeaway of a website and has the final say on the number of conversions. Now that’s what you call real value.


Team Position2

December 7, 2016

By Team Position2