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What Are Core Web Vitals and the Tools to Test Them

By Harikrishnan Nair

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With Google announcing the inclusion of Core Web Vitals as part of ranking factors for search, it is essential to understand what…

4 Tips for Developing an Effective Content Optimization Strategy

By Gayatri Pandit

Posted in

“Content is king.” We’ve heard this many times. Why is content so important? Content is the most powerful catalyst for…

Mobile-First Indexing - All Your Questions Answered

By Mercy Janaki

Posted in

Google has been shifting towards a mobile-only approach for indexing the content, ranking the indexed content, etc. This exercise…

Issues that Need to Be Considered in an International PPC Campaign Setup

By Todd Mintz

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Having done Paid Search with a B2B focus for quite some time now, I have frequently been tasked with “globalizing” US/Canada-…