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Pinterest ‘Interest’, Facebook Paper and Graph Search for Mobile

Pinterest ‘Interest’

With the launch of the ‘Interest’ tool, Pinterest is trying to make good on its aim to create new ways for users to find pins on the site. This tool is designed to help pinners find pins that they would be interested in.

Pinterest Interest

Pinterest will be rolling out this tool worldwide and on to mobile devices soon.

To get started on pins related to your interests, you need to head over to the ‘Preview! Explore Interests’ option in the Categories menu on your desktop browser.

The current version of the ‘Interests’ tool is still in preview mode. Pinterest will be making improvements to it overtime.

Impact on Businesses

Pinterest has already stepped into the advertising arena with the launch of Promoted Pins in 2013. At the time, CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann assured users and advertisers that the promoted pins would be relevant to users’ interests.

‘Interesting’ development, the launch of the ‘Interest’ tool now, don’t you think?

Advertisers may eventually be able to target users with promoted pins that cater to relevant user interests using the user interest data available through the ‘Interest’ tool. Ben Silbermann’s assurance about catering to users’ interests especially makes you wonder if the launch of the ‘Interest’ tool is a part of Pinterest’s strategy to bring in more advertising revenue.

Facebook Paper

If you remember, there were rumors about Facebook Paper earlier this month…Well, we can now confirm that the rumors are true.

Facebook Paper

The new release by Facebook is the Paper app, which will help users catch up on their reading by collating stories shared by friends and the world around you.

Facebook has made it easy for users to create and share stories of their own by structuring Paper with stories and themed sections based on people’s interests.

The first section comprises of the news feed that will update users with new designs for photos, videos and longer text-based posts. Users can customize Paper from a choice of more than a dozen other sections about different themes and topics. Each section includes a content mix of contributions from emerging voices and known publications.

Paper is the firstborn of Facebook Creative Labs, which is working on new apps that make content sharing for people better.

Facebook is launching Paper for iPhone users in the US from February 3. If you want an early peek at it, you can also take a tour of Paper.

Facebook Graph Search for Mobile

A year post the launch of Graph Search, Facebook will be bringing the feature into mobile devices soon. Facebook users will now be able to use the Graph Search on the move too!

Team Position2

January 31, 2014

By Team Position2