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Facebook’s Social Search Engine - Graph Search

In a major step towards repairing its somewhat choppy search feature, Facebook released ‘Graph Search’. Graph Search is helping carry forward Facebook’s “we want to make the world more open and connected” torch.

Graph Search is a social search engine that has a four-point focus: it helps Facebook users find people, photos, places and interests that are the most relevant to them.

Find people, photos, places and interests

Facebook’s search feature until now was quite confusing and disappointing. If you typed in a friend’s name, the search results would throw up more of irrelevant results first and then show the result you were actually looking for.

The feature’s rollout will be slow because Facebook wants to improve it using user feedback. Facebook has released Graph Search in beta version and at the moment you need to sign up on the waitlist to get it. At the moment Graph Search is available only in English and you can search for only a section of content. It is not available for posts and Open Graph actions like song listens.

Graph Search will show as a bigger search bar at the top of every page. When you search for people, photos, places or interests, that search decides the set of results that are pulled up and also doubles up as the page’s title. You can even edit this title thereby customizing your view of the content you and your friends have shared. You can search with phrases like “people who like soccer and live nearby” or “photos my friends have taken in coffee shops in New York” while using Graph Search. What’s more, Graph Search is conscious of your privacy. It only displays the content that has been shared publicly and you can only search for the content that has been shared with you.

Common Likes

Graph Search has nothing on web search like Google’s. Facebook Graph Search only aims to improve the Facebook search experience and it helps you connect with new people. Web search takes the keywords you search with and looks for the best matches for those keywords on the web. In Facebook’s Graph Search, you search for people you know or want to connect with, photos, places and interests that have been shared between you and your friends.

Connect with photos

For Businesses - Increase Reach & Visibility

Say you’re a jeweler or a watch business on Facebook with a presence on Google. A user wants to find businesses like yours. Earlier this user would have gone to Google to search for you. If you did good work on your website SEO, you would show up on the top of the search results. If not, you would be pushed to the bottom.

But now with Graph Search, users will search on Facebook whose search engine will show apt results with the added bonus of social proof (it shows the brands that the users’ friends prefer). Graph Search will use signs like location-based check-ins, tags of your business or Likes of your page to indicate to the user that their friends have liked your brand.

Pages friends like

As a marketer you know that content is crucial for marketing success and social media is a great vehicle for brand visibility. So you need to focus on Facebook’s search engine. Graph Search not only makes it easy for users to find your business, it also makes it easy to reach new audiences.

So marketers, what is it about Facebook’s search engine that’s gotten you excited? Can you think of any other ways that Graph Search can help you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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