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Update: Promoted Pins, Conversion Estimator for Bid Simulator and Bing Ads Performance Graph

Pinterest Adds Promoted Pins

The pinners’ site is jumping onto the advertising bandwagon with this experiment with promoted pins. CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann made the announcement through a blog post this Thursday.

Though all the details haven’t been hammered out yet, Pinterest assures users that these ads:

  • Will not be flashy banner ads or annoying pop-up ads. The site is determined to avoid these and bring out tasteful ads.
  • Will include transparency. Pinterest will inform users when a promoted pin has been paid for by someone or where users see it.
  • Will be relevant to users’ interests
  • Will be made better based on user feedback

For the initial tests, Pinterest will promote a few pins in the search results and category feeds. For example, a pin for special flower bouquets from a florist can be promoted in a search for ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Google Adds Conversion Estimates to AdWords Bid Simulator

You want to change your bids but you’re not sure how these changes will affect your conversions. Google AdWords has now solved that problem for you by adding this feature that lets you estimate conversions for different bids in the bid simulator.

The bid simulator shows estimates for both 1-per-click and many-per-click conversions. These conversion estimates are based on clicks from a recent seven day period. The bid simulator lets you estimate the clicks, costs, impressions and conversions your changed bids would have produced. However, it doesn’t try to predict future performance.

Bid Simulator

Bing Ads Brings in Performance Comparison Graphs

Bing is working on improvising its ads interface by working on a solution to compare performance data. It announced about the performance comparison graphs on its blog.

The new performance comparison feature will:

  • Compare current performance with the performance of a previous period
  • Compare performance with the Moving Average (a reliable performance baseline to measure the success of your campaigns against)
  • Compare campaign performance between weekdays and weekends
  • Study performance comparison in the context of change history

Bing new performance comparison feature

This feature is currently in the pilot mode. The layout of the feature is the same as the current performance trend with the addition of a ‘Comparison range’ drop-down menu with three options:

  • Previous period
  • Same period last year
  • Moving average


Well, this has been an eventful week. What’s your say on these updates?

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