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Improve Visibility With Content Syndication

Just as SEO has transformed over the years, Content Marketing is evolving too. Along with optimization for search, certain online activities are here to stay, even as digital marketing gradually changes.

Let’s look at content syndication and how it can help you develop your brand reputation and online visibility.

How will Content Syndication benefit you?

Content syndication helps you reach a wider audience and provides exposure to another website’s audience. Exposure to a larger audience helps you build your reputation and brand recognition while boosting visibility.

Syndicate your content to sites that have an audience that is relevant to your services or products. Another thing to note is that you should only syndicate to sites that are of higher authority than your site. A site with good authority will then reflect on your website authority too.

Great! So do I syndicate whatever content I have?

It is best to syndicate content that is attractive and has the potential to bring visitors to your site. You should not syndicate all of your content; else there would be no new information left for them to discover.

First, carefully select and syndicate content that is relevant to your core business and your audience.

Second, syndicate some of your best content to build a reputation on a higher authority site. This will help you improve visibility.

Third, if you are just starting out your business, aggressive content syndication would be the best idea. This will help you boost your visibility and presence, and build your brand. If you are an established business, sparingly choose content that attracts your target audience.

Content syndication, when done correctly, can actually make a huge impact on brand reputation and online visibility. It can improve search visibility, website traffic, lead generation, and eventually increase conversion and revenue.

Ready to leverage your content marketing and optimization?

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John Bosco
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Team Position2

June 8, 2016

By Team Position2