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Author: Todd Mintz

Todd Mintz has been in digital marketing for nearly 20 years and has managed AdWords accounts for B2B companies since AdWords was launched in 2003. He loves to fuse disparate sources of data and knowledge into workable solutions that benefit his clients. Todd is a big fan of music and film and is a big fan of the Portland Trailblazers.

Blogs by the author

Top 10 PPC Lessons I Learned from Bruce Springsteen

By Todd Mintz

Posted in

I’m a huge Springsteen fan who has seen him in concert 10 times since 1992 (and I’ve spent countless hours listening to his albums…

B2B Facebook Event Targeting

By Todd Mintz

Are you a B2B company that’s exhibiting at a convention/conference? Facebook Event Targeting, coupled with Facebook ads, is a…

How Does Quality Score Play into B2B AdWords Optimization

By Todd Mintz

Posted in

A frequent question that I’ve been asked: How do you optimize an AdWords Account? My answer (to quote an oft-used phrase): I…