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Lead Scoring White Paper

Persona-based Lead Scoring: The Mystery and the Method

This white paper outlines how to classify leads based on behavior and demographic details, and how to develop a consistent methodology to provide quality leads to sales. We show you how to employ data integrity and tracking, and how you can deploy marketing automation to cut costs and boost lead generation activities.​

EVA White Paper

Enhance SEO with Social: Accelerating Enterprise Visibility

Today’s digital marketing environment calls for innovative ways to connect with consumers. We show you how our Enterprise Visibility Accelerator (EVA) can accelerate demand by creating and deploying a range of content offerings that attract and inform your target audience. We also look at how you can use multi-channel tracking tools for the most effective campaign results.

Rapidly Changing World of SEO

The Rapidly Changing World of SEO

This insightful white paper shows you how big a role SEO plays in digital marketing, and why it should be a key component of your demand acceleration program. We lay out various ways in which SEO can be deployed, including Social Media outreach, as well as best practices that get you results.