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Nano-scale optimization for
giga-scale results.

Videos, email and banners ads, sponsorships, newsletters and rich media ads add up to nearly 48% of all digital ad expenditure. With intense competition in this arena, we help ensure your success by targeting leads based on buyer personas, behaviors and interests at every stage of their journey. Tracking and reporting from Pulse gives you ultimate control and insight to refine strategies.

Result—Maximum reach and high quality leads due to better targeting, with the lowest cost per acquisition.

Our recommended media campaign is based on an assessment of your business goals. Whether it's a guaranteed leads program, a CPM-based media plan or a multi-stage programmatic campaign, we've got you covered.

Our test and optimization-based agile approach ensures that we start off with a strategy, which is refined as the leads come in and progress through the marketing and sales pipeline.

Media Approach

Media Approach

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