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How Can Links Strengthen Your SEO Strategy?

By Gayatri Pandit

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“Link" is one of the most important terms used to refer to a relationship. A link simply means "something that connects"; a…

Are Google’s Zero-Click Searches a Threat for Marketers?

By Mercy Janaki

Posted in

Many marketers, especially SEOs, see zero-click searches, (searches that do not end up with people clicking on anything in the…

Personas Vs Personalization

By Betty Kaufman

Posted in

Getting the Most Out of Personas and Personalization As marketers, why do we love buyer personas? Because we believe they will…

What Are Core Web Vitals and the Tools to Test Them

By Harikrishnan Nair

Posted in

With Google announcing the inclusion of Core Web Vitals as part of ranking factors for search, it is essential to understand what…