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Twitter Launches Multi Language Targeting and Facebook Unveils Audience Insights


Marketers can now target users with their preferred language through Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. Users will now be seeing more relevant ads in their language.

Multi language targeting covers 20 languages and will be rolled out globally and through Twitter’s Ads API.

You can also use this targeting feature along with other targeting options based on interest, keyword, gender, geo and tailored audience segments. Multi language targeting helps target users from countries where people speak different languages and also in targeting a global audience with language-specific messaging.

Twitter studies a user’s selected language in their profile settings and also the languages used on the user’s account to determine a user’s language.

For example, if you want to target French speakers in the US, you can use geo-targeting, travel-category interest targeting and French language targeting to connect with your audience more effectively.

Even if your audience is very comfortable with English, if their native tongue is another language, they will warm up towards their native tongue more. Using this feature will help you gain entry into a customer’s psyche with more ease. It will also be beneficial in penetrating markets where English is spoken very less or not at all.


Marketers are being loaded with more customer data through Facebook newest feature, the Audience Insights tool. Using this tool, you can garner information on:

  • Demographics: user age, gender, lifestyle, job role, relationship status, education and household size
  • Location and language: the geographical location of users and the language/s they speak
  • Usage: the frequency of your target audience logins into Facebook and the device used to login
  • Purchase activity: past purchase behavior (what category do they shop most in?) and methods (in-store or online shopping)

You can access the above information for 3 different groups of people:

  • People on Facebook (the general Facebook audience)
  • People connected to your Page or event
  • People in Custom Audiences you have already created

Audience Insights is different from Page Insights since it studies trends about potential customers across Facebook. Page Insights looks at Page interactions.

Audience Insights displays information users have already shared on Facebook with information from third-party providers like Acxiom through Facebook partner categories. The data about groups of people can be shown without identifying individual people in the groups. This keeps both users and marketers happy. The privacy of users is protected while supplying marketers with aggregate and anonymous data.

Using data from the Audience Insights tool, marketers can target customer segments with campaigns that are more customized. If one of your custom audience groups is heading towards your disaster recovery solution more, you can target them with exclusive offers for that. You can target users associated with a summit you are sponsoring with special passes and contests for the event.

The rollout of Audience Insights has begun within Ads Manager for US marketers. The global launch will happen in future months.

You can click here to get started.

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Image Source: Twitter

Team Position2

May 9, 2014

By Team Position2