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Make Way for Keyword Targeting in Twitter Timeline

Twitter is back again with a new ad offering enhancement – keyword targeting in its timeline. The micro-blogging site made the announcement this Wednesday, 17 April through a post on its blog.

Keyword targeting is available in the Twitter Ads UI and through the Ads API. From the day of launch, it is available in all languages and markets where Twitter Ads are supported.
The concept of ‘Promoted Tweets’ is built on the interest graph comprising of user signals like ‘follows’. Twitter is adding to Promoted Tweets’ effectiveness by enabling advertisers/marketers to target keywords used by people in their tweets and the tweets they’ve recently engaged with. This new capability is a boon for marketers looking for audience’s expression of interest. Keyword targeting lets you reach out to users at the right moment with the content they are looking for.

For example, a user is looking to buy a tablet device and has tweeted about it. Your business is a chain of electronic stores. The store closest to the particular user’s location can run a Promoted Tweets campaign using keyword targeting and reach out to that user with great tablet deals.

However, users will not be bothered with more ads in their timeline after the launch of this capability. Users can also dismiss irrelevant Promoted Tweets. According to Twitter, keyword targeting in Promoted Tweets will make users’ ad experience better by showing them more relevant ads.

Twitter has also tested this capability with a few businesses: Everything Everywhere, Microsoft Japan and Walgreens. Users were seen to be more likely to engage with Promoted Tweets that used keyword targeting compared to other forms of targeting on their timeline.

Another company that saw hopeful results when it tested keyword targeting is GoPro. It tested keyword targeting across four marketing campaigns on Twitter and saw nearly two million impressions and 11% engagement rates with their tweets.

Building campaigns with Promoted Tweets that use keyword targeting on the timeline is similar to the search set up process. You need to enter the keywords you desire to target, choose between phrase match and unordered keyword match and specify other targeting options such as geographic location, gender and device:

Here’s another example of using keyword targeting from TBG (one of Twitter’s API partners):

How beneficial do you think keyword targeting can be for Twitter campaign successes? Tell us in the comments section below…

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