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SEO is Going Mobile. Is Your Business Ready?

If you’re looking for information about optimizing your site for search, the web is bursting with examples. In the past, when people spoke about website optimization, the first thing that came to mind would be optimization for a desktop.

But times are changing.

Yes, in today’s digital era, optimizing for the desktop is critical. But additionally, we now have to recognize that people are using mobile devices for many more tasks than they used to. If you ignore these mobile users, you could miss critical opportunities and capture an ever smaller segment of the market.

Mobile Optimization Cannot be Ignored

When you’re optimizing your website, it makes sense to tackle desktop first. But when you review your analytics, you’ll realize how many people search on mobile platforms. Research and reports have shown that the percentage of mobile users browsing the web is increasing by the day. Google has even made mobile friendliness a factor that can boost your search ranking.

According to research, the number of smartphone users will continue to rise in the coming years. And with the digital explosion meeting the Internet of Things (IoT), people are now more mobile than ever. The graph shown below depicts the growth of mobile users in United States, and the predicted figures for the next three years.

If you don’t want to lose a large chunk of traffic, you need to cater for these mobile users today. Checking mobile-readability is simple: use this tool provided by Google.

Looking Ahead to Further Optimization

OK. Now you know how friendly your website is for mobile users. Google’s tool shows you a range of factors: mobile friendliness, mobile speed, and even the desktop speed. Page load time – or page speed – is an important factor that needs attention. But while the Google tool gives you a lot of great information, it can’t tell you what to do next.

Getting a website optimized properly requires a lot of work behind the scenes. From the on-page optimization to off-page activities, online visibility establishment to technical checks, all of these factors are hidden – until you know what to look for. Only an expert provider has the experience and agility to tackle mobile and desktop at the same time.

Here at Position², we take care of optimization for businesses, and help them to leverage their online presence on an ongoing basis. Now, with our content marketing service, we can handle every aspect of your optimization project. We’ll create content as often as it’s needed, optimize the content for search, build online visibility and optimize the structure and usability of content. Our dedicated SEO service complements this, by ensuring the whole website is optimized fully for desktop and mobile searches.

Contact Position² today, to optimize your website for mobile and desktop search.

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June 24, 2016

By Team Position2