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Pinterest to Get More Ad Driven

Pinterest is getting more assertive with each passing day when it comes to pushing ads on its platform. Its test launch of Promoted Pins some time back this year went down well with both the advertising fraternity and the user community. The scrapbooking site now wants to scale its revenues by upping the ante as far as advertising is concerned. Pinterest opening up its advertising platform to all businesses is imminent.

Pinterest initially beta tested Promoted Pins in May this year with only a small group of advertisers. Today Pinterest is a force to be reckoned with in the digital arena controlling 23% of referral traffic to e-commerce sites across the web. This has caught the fancy of digital marketers who now want a slice of this booming ad platform in order to draw more sales and brand value alike.

Setting up Promoted Pins on Pinterest is quite easy. First you pick a pin that you want to promote. You then specify which search keywords you want to attach to it. You can choose geography, language, user demographics for which you want your advertisement to be targeted. You only pay when somebody clicks on your ad to visit your website. Hence, this is a Pay Per Click model and advertisers bid against one another with no minimum bid price needed, as of now. Pinterest is a product and image driven environment where users actually embrace brands. It has proved so far that it has a huge power over online ecommerce which will only grow in the days to come.

Pinterest offers Analytics Dashboard to digital marketers building ad campaigns on its platform. Advertisers can check which Pins and boards are driving the most clicks and conversion to sales so that they can specifically concentrate on them. They can get a detailed report about which of their Promoted Pins attracted the most impressions and repins.

Promoted Pins is a very robust advertising model because people interact with these pins in very much the same fashion they interact with Pinterest. There seems to be an alignment between what users would like to do on Pinterest and what advertisers would normally want them to do. People want to discover new things on Pinterest. They repin things they like in order to save for later use or to share with somebody. That way Pinterest is unlike Facebook or Twitter as far as digital advertising is concerned. People explicitly use Pinterest boards to save stuff they would like to buy! Now that is manna from heaven for any digital advertiser worth his salt. This has made Pinterest a very lucrative platform for advertising in the digital world, without a smattering of doubt.

Are you excited about Pinterest Promoted Pins? If yes, kindly let us know what you think about it.

Team Position2

October 24, 2014

By Team Position2