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Being a Hit on Social Media and Facebook Updates for the Week

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Social Media Content

Every brand (almost) has a social media presence.

And, all these brands post content on their social media accounts (we think it’s safe to assume all do).

End result?

  • A totally cluttered social platform, which gets even more crowded when you factor in individual user posts.
  • If your content quality isn’t top notch, it will fall flat on its face when faced with top quality content.
  • If you are heavily reliant on organic content, social networks are adding filters to it in a bid to promote brand paid promotions (for example, Facebook’s recent changes due to which brands are now reaching a lesser percentage of their audience).

You can blame Facebook and other social networks for making changes that are quashing organic content reach while filling their coffers through promotion of paid content posts.

However, it is also true that be it for organic or paid promotion, brand content has to be of very high quality.

Getting back to the point…

Creating great content

Do you follow a calendar or do you simply go with the creative flow?

Social media content is different from blog posts, white papers and other long content forms. Social content has to be short and preferably written on the spur of the moment. This helps maintain the essence of the news. Remember, it is very important for social content to work in real-time.

Posting frequency

You need to post once every day on Facebook and four times on Twitter. Added to this are your blogging responsibilities. So, how do you create great content (particularly if you are short on resources)?

Check this plan:

  • A short news update every day
  • A well thought out post once a week
  • Close the week with a collation of all the important happenings from that week

Do you want to simply churn out content or do you want to make sure it is great content but posted less frequently?

Take a call…

If you want great content that interests your audience, cut down on your frequency and focus on quality.

Facebook Finally Releases its Mobile Ad Network and Makes Changes to Login Systems

After all the noise created by rumors, Facebook finally released its ad network, Audience Network, during the f8 developers conference recently.

Changes to Login Systems

Trying to solve users’ concerns about sharing information with apps, Facebook announced:

  • Anonymous login: You can use an app without sharing any personal information.
  • Facebook login: You can choose the information apps will gain.
  • Redesigned app control panel: You can see and manage the apps you use.

For more information about new developments in login systems, click here.

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Team Position2

May 2, 2014

By Team Position2