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Getting the Most Engagement for Your Tweets

As a top social platform, Twitter is a strong contender for the attention of brands. A wide user base coupled with a powerful ad interface beckons with fans on Twitter. A recent study by Simply Measured showed that:

  • 92% brands covered in the study tweet at least once every day
  • Top brands scored an average of 20% growth in Twitter followers in Q4, 2013

Judging by the amount of content posted by brands, we can gauge the current levels of engagement. A new study by Twitter identifies what drives engagement for verified accounts:

  • Photos received 35% more re-tweets
  • Videos led to a 28% boost in re-tweets
  • Quotes came third with 19% re-tweets
  • Statistics led to a 17% increase in re-tweets
  • Hashtags gathered 16% re-tweets

Of course, these figures vary based on the industry, but as mentioned in our earlier blog posts, visuals and videos are powerful marketing tools that build engagement.

However…there are more ways of improving engagement on Twitter.

With the growing trend of using multiple media simultaneously, you can cross link TV with Twitter using the latter’s TV ad targeting feature. You can craft compelling stories through your tweets to get consumers interested like Google and Nike have.

Curated content not just creates relevance, but also puts your individual stamp on it. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing great content.

The most effective way of creating engagement may be through the simplest thing. If you want engagement, ask for it through a powerful call to action. Ask people to follow you, download your content, retweet or even ask for replies.

To engage consumers you need to engage them on their interests, values or just capture their imagination. Sometimes that means doing the obvious and at other times, being creative. It starts by knowing your audience. Go ahead and try it – fortune favors the brave.

What are your strategies for getting more engagement on Twitter?

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Team Position2

April 16, 2014

By Team Position2