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Facebook Launches Verified Accounts, Twitter Launches TV Ad Targeting and ‘Plans’ Ad Exchange

Facebook Introduces Verified Accounts

Ever encountered the problem of search results pulling up multiple accounts with the same person/brand’s name when searching on Facebook? Well, if you have, Facebook now has the answer to this in the launch of ‘Verified Accounts’.

According to Facebook, it is rolling out verified accounts to help users spot authentic people/Pages. The verified accounts feature is being rolled on both desktop and mobile web.

Verification badges will appear in the following places:

  1. Next to the Page name
  2. When you hover over a Page name
  3. In Graph Search queries
  4. In Page like stories
  5. In Page news feed ads

Page admins needn’t do anything to verify their Pages. Facebook will automatically verify the largest Pages at the highest duplication risk in the coming days. Facebook isn’t accepting verification requests right now. However, if your Page isn’t automatically verified, you can check out the Help Center to know the methodology to solve duplication issues.

Twitter Also Launches TV Ad Targeting in Beta for Selected Advertisers
Twitter launched TV ad targeting for Promoted Tweets last week in limited beta in the U.S. market only and only for a select group of advertisers who run national TV ad campaigns in the U.S. TV ad targeting was begun post Twitter’s acquisition of Bluefin Labs.

Twitter is also offering a new TV ads dashboard which shows the time a brand’s TV ads have been aired. This not only helps align the content and timing of TV, but also gives insight into how Promoted Tweets can be created in effective ways to build on broader marketing themes.

Twitter TV ad targeting uses video fingerprinting technology to automatically detect when and where a brand’s TV commercials are running. Twitter can also identify users who tweeted about the program during which the ad was aired.

Twitter Plans an Ad Exchange?

The tweeting site is purportedly planning an IPO launch early next year and is now following Facebook’s steps to launch an ad exchange albeit in a slightly different order.

According to reports, Twitter has plans to build an ad exchange like FBX (Facebook’s ad exchange) that lets brands retarget site visitors with Twitter ads. However, the extent to which Twitter has built the exchange is not known. If Twitter launches this exchange, it would benefit greatly from marketers’ adoption of display retargeting and online advertising purchase through exchanges and automated real-time auctions.

Let us know your take on these updates in the comments section.

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