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Content Marketing: What Not To Do

There’s no shortage of content marketing guides on the internet. They cover all the tactics you should be using. But unless you understand the things you should not do, you don’t have a complete content marketing strategy. And for true success, you need to be flexible and continually adapt your approach.

Here are key points to avoid developing a content marketing strategy.

  1. Don’t be too general when building a strategy: To build a successful content marketing strategy, you need firm foundations. Defining goals from day one is essential. A strategy that worked for one business may prove to be a failure for another, even if the two businesses are part of the same industry. Content needs to be specific to your target audience, and it needs to target that audience precisely. This is applicable to global businesses, but it is equally important for local businesses. A local audience can have cultural differences, so similar content strategies may not have a similar impact.
  2. Don’t confine your content: Content should not be confined to a particular vertical or a product line. Content is bigger than marketing: make sure you get it the right way around. For any marketing strategy to be successful, trust has to be established by bringing customers into the fold and engaging them. User-generated content is critical; any form of customer interaction should be used, whether it is reviews, feedbacks, tweets or comments. Content marketing strategies should be based on user-generated content, which can make the readers emotionally invested in a brand.

    Power of Content

  3. Don’t try too hard to go viral: Content works best when it engages a reader. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to go viral. Look at the long game, and treat your strategy as a process of building momentum. Over time, you should aim to build trust in the reader, and engage the audiences. Once you have the groundwork in place, it’s much easier to get content to go viral. Brands must plan for the bigger picture rather than focusing on short-term traffic.

Finally, remember: content is not a sales pitch. Stop trying to sell things with the content you create. It’s a turn off for readers, and it cheapens the information you’re putting onto your site. Instead, design your content marketing strategies in such a way that the product or service fits the consumer and sells itself.

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By Divyansh Sharma

Team Position2

July 12, 2016

By Team Position2