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Author: Vinod Nambiar

Vinod is the co-founder and MD of Position2. An engineer with a passion for advertising, he has been instrumental in designing all processes for delivery operations. His passion is to explore how the latest developments in technology can transform digital marketing. He is associated with various global forums in digital marketing and has been part of the faculty at leading marketing institutes in India like Northpoint & MICA.When not thinking digital, he can be found doing yoga, reading books ranging from spiritual to fiction. He lives with his wife and two children in Bangalore.

Blogs by the author

Making the case for a Marketing Information Exchange Protocol

By Vinod Nambiar

Pic courtesy: Anand Thaker, Chiefmartec It’s A Forest Out There! In case you haven’t seen the above infographic, brace up to the…

Facebook Rolls Out Verified App Program

By Vinod Nambiar

Posted in

Facebook is launching its “Verified Apps” program today. The program was first announced over the summer at their F8 Developer…

Twitter Fastest-Growing Social Networking Site

By Vinod Nambiar

Twitter, Tagged and Ning were the fastest-growing social networking sites in September, according to Nielsen Online. Starting from…

B2B Powerexchange Webinar on Powering Social Media to Drive Leads

By Vinod Nambiar

Posted in

You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging. Typically, it’s a great way to have fun and stay connected to your…