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Author: Sudipta Chakraborty

Sudipta works as a Project Manager at Position2 and oversees projects to manage client business to achieve their digital business objectives. She is an ex-Googler with 8+ years of experience in SEM and a digital marketing enthusiast. In her free time, Sudipta likes traveling, adventure sports and music.

Blogs by the author

Evolution of B2B Marketing Strategies

By Sudipta Chakraborty

Marketing strategies are ever-evolving, year after year, with 2019 being no different. Trends like live videos and video ads will…

2018: Influencer Marketing for B2B

By Sudipta Chakraborty

Posted in

Influencer Marketing picked up a lot of pace in 2017 and has stayed strong throughout 2018; a trend that is here to stay. In…

Google AdWords & the Era of AI

By Sudipta Chakraborty

Posted in

Digital advertising has changed tremendously in the past few years. The growth of the internet and advancements in technology have…