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Author: Gayatri Pandit

Gayatri Pandit is a digital marketing enthusiast with a keen interest in Organic Marketing. She works with the Organic Marketing Group as an Account Manager. She's passionate about SEO and loves structuring website content to rank on the top SERP's. A people's person with zeal for sports, when she's not optimizing websites, she's either cooking or just spending quality time with family and friends.

Blogs by the author

4 Tips for Developing an Effective Content Optimization Strategy

By Gayatri Pandit

Posted in

“Content is king.” We’ve heard this many times. Why is content so important? Content is the most powerful catalyst for…

7 Steps for Building a Website that Enhances SEO

By Gayatri Pandit

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Website architecture plays a critical role in SEO efficacy. How a website's pages are structured, presented, and linked together…