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Author: Chetan Jhaveri

Chetan is a Director of Client Growth at Position2, where he is responsible for strategy to help his clients grow. Chetan studied economics and public policy at Duke University, and earned graduate degrees from MIT and Harvard. He previously served as a management consultant at Bain & Company and co-founder and CMO of a Techstars-backed healthcare technology startup. Chetan now blends strategy and implementation to help brands achieve concrete customer acquisition goals, with a special focus on multi-location marketing, PE-backed companies and Venture Capital-backed startups.

When not thinking digital, Chetan enjoys hosting dinner parties, social board games, and meditation. He lives with his partner in Boston.

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Optimizing advertising spend across multiple locations

By Chetan Jhaveri

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Optimizing paid acquisition efforts for a company that has many locations is difficult. Nailing multi-location marketing is…