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100 tips on how to use Twitter for business – Part 2

We're back with the concluding part of the previous post.

Twit coupons

51. Increase sales for your business by giving exclusive coupons to your followers

52. Use to distribute coupons via Twitter

53. Get your tweets indexed in by using cheaptweet hashtag and increase exposure for your deals

Twitter promotion

54. Now you can run sweepstakes offers via Twitter to create brand awareness, increase sales, etc.

55. Set the objective for Twitter promotion

56. Make sure that there is no bias in your promotion and be transparent in what you offer

57. To participate in the offer, ask users to include hashtags in their tweets

58. Track the performance of your campaign using this trend-tracking tool:

59. Make sure that you do not spam your followers and avoid sending too many tweets about your sweepstakes offers

60. Calculate the ROI of the campaign by breaking it down into: Number of new followers gained, products sold, new visitors to the websites, etc.

Blog sync

61. Increase traffic to your blog by using this auto-feed tool ,

62. Tweet the comments in your blog using this wordpress plugin:

63. Include your Twitter conversations in your blog using this wordpress plugin:

64. Include a retweet button in your blog to spread it virally using Twitter. You can install the retweet button from here:

Facebook sync

65. A Facebook page is a marketing channel for most brands. A marriage between Facebook and Twitter will initiate greater engagement and conversations

66. Integrate your Facebook page with Twitter using this Facebook application:

67. Avoid spamming your fans in your Facebook page with too many Twitter updates

68. Use this application: to post selective Twitter updates

Optimize Press Releases

69. Get more exposure for your Press Releases (PR) by sharing them on Twitter

70. Use keywords in the first 30 characters of your PR tweet for SEO

71. Ask your followers to retweet your PRs to spread them virally

72. Use hashtags to track the PRs

73. Deliver your PRs to top journalists on Twitter using this paid service:

74. Analyze the number of tweets your PR receives using:

Direct messages (DM) for direct marketing - DM’s are new way to market your product via Twitter

75. Avoid sending DMs to all of your followers

76. Analyze the interests of your followers before sending them DMs

77. Customize your offering in DM based on followers’ demographics

78. Avoid using automated tools for sending DM’s

79. Always maintain a human touch while sending DMs

Brand monitoring

80. Monitor real-time conversations about your brand in Twitter to understand customers’ linguistics

81. To start with, use a simple tool like Twitter public search

82. Monitor various keywords associated with your brand using this tool:

83. Manage multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitoring using one single tool:

84. Paid tools like Brand Monitor™ provide many insights along with real-time brand monitoring

Customer support

85. Sometimes your brand will get punk’d in Twitter and customer support plays a vital role to protect your brand from crisis

86. Monitor your brand in real-time and respond to various customer tweets before a brand crisis occurs

87. Assign different queries to employees in concerned departments using

88. Set up a 24/7 automated response for customers’ tweets by using this tool:

89. Analyze the number of issues solved via Twitter to measure ROI

Twitter Insights

90. Measure your Twitter performance using parameters like retweet rank, Click Through Rate (CTR) of your tweets, follower count etc.

91. Find your retweet rank using:

92. Track the CTR of your tweets by using short URL services like:

93. Analyze your web traffic from Twitter by adding UTM parameters in each tweet link using this tool :

94. Analyze your follower count at:

95. Find which tweets help you gain or lose followers, using:

96. Measure your share of voice by using tools like Brand Monitor™

Security tips

97. Never use third party Twitter applications that do not support Oath authentication

98. Use strong passwords to protect your account from hackers. Use this tool: to generate strong passwords

99. If any security lapses occur on Twitter, change your password immediately

100. Do not click any links in DMs from strangers.

Contributed by Nallai Wickreman

Team Position²

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