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Go Real-time with YouTube’s New App

Like most social channels and ecommerce websites, YouTube is also being swept away in the app wave of the digital marketing industry.

The video behemoth has announced that it will be launching a new app that will hand digital marketers easier access to YouTube’s creator features. This app will enable you to manage your YouTube channel easily when you are on the field.

Using YouTube’s new app will help in engaging your channel’s fans with real time content. For example, if your brand is sponsoring an industry event, you can take short videos of your activities at the event on your phone and post it on your brand’s YouTube channel, live!

Real time posting is a great way to boost fan engagement!

YouTube has also rolled out a new feature that will enable you to collect funds directly from your fans on YouTube. You no longer have to rely solely on off-YouTube fund raising.

Another new project in the pipeline is what YouTube has termed as ‘Creator Academy’. This is a collection of articles that can help you get more out of YouTube. We will know more on how it will impact marketers once YouTube rolls out the feature.

To check out the new features rolled out by YouTube, watch this video:

Team Position2

May 26, 2014

By Team Position2