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Yahoo Prime View – Changing the Way CPMs Are Bought

Yahoo releases Yahoo Prime View

Being committed to providing advertisers their investments’ worth in display ads, Yahoo is introducing Yahoo Prime View.

This new vCPM product will allow brands to run display ad campaigns at a 100% viewability rate. vCPM ensures that you pay only for viewable impressions enabling better campaign performance.

Currently, Yahoo Prime View has been introduced for display ads on Yahoo, only in the US. However, the company has plans for a global rollout, with no certain time frame.

You can now increase ad exposure without modifying your workflow – reporting or creative. Yahoo Prime View employs IAB’s SafeFrame, which is a managed API-enabled iframe that opens up a line of communication between the publisher’s page content and iframe contained external content such as ads.

For marketers who opt for CPM campaigns for branding and visibility purposes, Yahoo Prime View will help in increasing marketer confidence in CPM campaigns and thereby, brand investment.

What are your views on Yahoo Prime View?

Team Position2

June 27, 2014

By Team Position2