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Yahoo Market Share Rises after Mozilla Deal!

Yahoo had got into an exclusive agreement with Mozilla in November 2014. As per this deal, Yahoo became the default search engine for Mozilla PC and mobile browsers. This was a “strategic five-year partnership” and as part of the deal, Yahoo started offering enhanced search experiences. Yahoo featured a clear, modern and immersive design with inputs from the Mozilla team.



This deal seems to have paid Yahoo rich dividends. This is clearly evident in the latest comScore released for US desktop search engine rankings. As per this data, Yahoo has seen an increase of 1.6% in US desktop search market for the month of December. This is the first month since the five year partnership with Mozilla came into effect. Unsurprisingly this comes at the cost of Google which saw a decline of 1.6% of its market share. Any rise of more than 1% is significant for Yahoo, considering the vice-like grip that the numero uno search engine Google has on the US online search market. This is Yahoo’s highest market share since 2009 for the United States.

How do you view Yahoo’s ascent in the online search market share!

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Team Position2

January 23, 2015

By Team Position2