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Yahoo! Launches Gemini Platform for Mobile Search and Native Ads

Yahoo Gemini
Yahoo! Launches Gemini Platform for Mobile Search and Native Ads

Yahoo! has recently introduced Yahoo Gemini, a unified marketplace for mobile search and native ads. This is Yahoo’s latest attempt to try and lure more marketers to its advertising business.

Yahoo Gemini has:

  • Made it easier for marketers to run multi-channel campaigns and drive better growth through more informed campaign spend.
  • Made it easy for marketers wanting to buy mobile search ads on the Yahoo network along with the scale and creativity of native ads.

The recent surge in mobile web traffic is the key to the increase in demand for mobile ads.

Yahoo’s share of the digital advertising market in the US is expected to come down to 5.4% in 2014 from a share of 5.9% in 2013. And Yahoo still has a lot of catching up to do in 2014, with Google commanding a 40% market share, Facebook (7.4%) and Microsoft (5.7%). The launch of the Gemini platform and its recent unified approach to digital advertising are Yahoo’s attempts at increasing that ad market share.

When Google, Yahoo and Microsoft step up to improve their search and ad market share, it is the digital marketer who benefits. The companies release new features and tools in their competition to cater to marketers’ needs the best. Marketers can make optimum use of these tools and derive more ad revenue out of online campaigns.

Image Courtesy: Yahoo!

Team Position2

February 24, 2014

By Team Position2