Video the Hottest Growth Hack Today

Why is Video the Hottest Growth Hack Today?

“The play button is the most compelling call to action on the internet.” Michael Litt, CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard, a global video creation, hosting, and analytics platform for businesses – perfectly sums up the power of video content marketing.

About 4.7 billion people across the globe use social media, and 227 million new users have come online within the last 12 months. Failing to adapt to the latest social media trends means neglecting a significant audience. The key to unlocking your social media potential lies in the definition itself; other media types are usually one-way, while social media is social.

The most successful marketers deliver content consistently through multiple social media channels. Of all the content posted through these channels, it’s no surprise that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than text-only content. Video is no exception. It’s becoming an increasingly vital part of the promotional artillery, with 65% of businesses considering it the most engaging communication channel for their audiences.

Video: The Swiss Army Knife of Social Media Marketing

With online videos accounting for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022– you need to consider your options as we advance. The question is, are you making the most of your video assets across social media? Here are just a few reasons why video is currently topping the charts as the focus for social media marketers presents a huge opportunity.

Helps you reach a broad audience

One of the most significant contributors to bounce rates is when someone comes to your website, and it’s unclear what product or service you’re offering. This is where the use of video can be very beneficial. Video can present information in a more interactive, visual, and enjoyable way. It is an effective tool to generate website traffic and keep visitors on your website longer. Video content marketing gives your brand a voice, authenticity, and credibility. It’s visually appealing and can be used as an essential resource, making a big difference in your marketing and sales success.

Video content improves search optimization

Suppose you’re looking for just one reason to recommend creating video content for your business or brand: it’s Search Engine Optimization. Videos are valuable metrics that search engines consider for ranking. Two of the most critical metrics for SEO are the time users spend on your page or website and the number of backlinks to your domain. Videos improve both numbers in most cases. The more video content you create, the more quality traffic you can drive to your page, which will enhance your overall SEO in the long run.

A sure-fire way to boost your ROI

Audiences are watching the video like never before, so there’s no question why social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn prioritize video so highly. Videos not only increase brand messaging and awareness, but they also help businesses worldwide generate leads and increase sales. Social media channels tend to outperform static posts, so continue to favor video by making it more visible in your feed. This allows businesses to be creative and find new ways to differentiate themselves digitally. To get you even more excited, 83% of companies say video delivers a high return on investment.

Helps you build effective relationships and trust with customers

Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. Building trust with your customers makes them more likely to commit to your product or service. Trust is one of the factors that influences nearly every purchase decision a customer makes, regardless of the product. Videos are a great way to build brand loyalty. By creating videos that inspire trust and add value to your brand, you can keep growing your loyal customer base for the long term. Including some or all these videos in the client’s marketing funnel can provide a richer and more positive experience for the client’s customers, increase brand loyalty, and increase the likelihood of converting customers into brand ambassadors.

Provides data and actionable insights

When brands use video on social channels, they have immediate access to robust data. Enthusiastic viewers can participate in the user’s journey, driven by video viewing habits. For example, you can send your viewers targeted information or a call to action midway through your video. Viewers who have watched the entire video can be marketed accordingly, and viewers who previously quit the video can be given specific information to target them. Video allows audiences to test different narratives, tones, and styles to find the most effective communication for each target market.

Video appeals more to mobile users

Video and mobile phones go hand in hand. Most consumers watch videos on their mobile phones. People love to watch videos on the go, and as the number of smartphone users grows, so does the video audience. Research shows that smartphone users are twice as likely as TV viewers and 1.4 times as likely as desktop viewers to feel a personal connection with brands that display video content and ads on their devices. The growth of mobile video means brands need to pay attention to their customers’ personal experiences on smartphones.

Wrapping Up

In the age of YouTube, Facebook, live streams, Instagram Reels, and webinars, it’s clear that video is the number one priority. One of the revolutionary additions to your advertising toolbox. Creating a marketing video for your business requires creativity and an understanding of human psychology. These components allow you to make proper marketing miracles with minimal effort. Inspirational and creative videos go viral on the Internet in days, receiving millions of views and shares.

Social Media Video Marketing is undoubtedly king today. It’s time to lead, not lag.

Anusree A

December 17, 2022

By Anusree A