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More Updates from Facebook’s f8 Developers Conference…

Image Source: Facebook

The latest edition of the f8 boasts of a series of updates that impacted users, marketers and developers.

However, for the intents and purposes of our discussion here, we’ll continue to focus on updates that affect marketers in particular.

Among other things, with the launch of its mobile ad network, Audience Network, Facebook is also focusing on integrating its website better with lead nurturing efforts of brands through enhancements to Mobile App Install Ads.

Brands can now send news feed messages to users if they:

  • Completed an action
  • Are inactive
  • Need more nurturing

You can now nudge along users who are at different stages on your Facebook strategy by messaging them on their news feed. With all the latest changes to the news feed that has made it more visual, Facebook users are focused on the news feed a lot. This increases the chances of your message reaching the user on their news feed.

Facebook is now enabling messaging from apps or external events in order to help brands reach users through their news feed. Mobile app install ads also have calls to actions added to them in order to help drive the user actions you want.

For more information on this and other f8 updates, check out this page.

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Team Position2

May 5, 2014

By Team Position2