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Twitter Opens Analytics to All Users and Facebook Allows Advertisers to Target Mobile Users by Bandwidth


The micro-blogging site has given all users access to its analytics feature. This was initially limited to advertisers, Twitter Card publishers and verified users only.

Twitter Analytics provides real time insights into how your tweet is performing by showing you the impressions, clicks, retweets and replies for each tweet. You can also get a report on monthly engagement and engagement rates for your account and download Tweet metrics.

This has been an eye-opener for many users since they realized that their organic reach and engagement rates are not at par with their expectations. But, in the future, this could be a very useful tool to measure your Twitter campaigns.

The Analytics feature is available to people who tweet primarily in English, French, Japanese and Spanish and who have had an account for at least two weeks. Twitter is looking out to extend this service to the rest of the users, though the company did not specify a time frame.

Twitter has become very popular in recent times, for news dissemination, joining forces for a crucial cause and the like. The analytics dashboard will help you gauge the reach and engagement of every tweet. This insight is helpful in making sense of your tweet and its effectiveness amidst all the clutter.

Better campaign measurement means better planned Twitter campaigns with an increase in ROI. The analytics dashboard can also encourage more marketers to run Twitter campaigns. Real time insight into tweet engagement rates allows you to know how your campaign is running at the moment. If you are running a campaign for a long time and you have periodic milestones during that time, you can check if users are engaging with your tweets the way you expected at those milestones.

Have you used Twitter’s analytics? What do you think about this update?


Facebook is now allowing you to target mobile users in the developing world with ads depending on their bandwidth. This way you don’t waste your company’s resources in showing a video ad to somebody who is on a 2G mobile network.

This has huge implications for digital marketers who want to target mobile internet users. Mobile penetration today around the globe is truly phenomenal. But, this is not backed by robust mobile data network, particularly in the developing countries. Until now, advertisers had no choice but to target all mobile internet users with one strategy irrespective of their data speeds.

For instance, with this new feature from Facebook, you can target your video ads to only those consumers who have sufficient bandwidth to support live streaming. For other customers with slower connections, you can resort to image or link ads.

Being able to target users based on their data speeds will help you be more confident that users would have access to technology to support your ad format. Knowledge of user data speeds will also help you plan your ad campaigns better resulting in more ROI since you wouldn’t be wasting valuable creatives and money on advertising to users who will not be able to even view your ad.

Facebook is a quick learner on leveraging its one billion+ user database to its advantage. First, it gave advertisers the ability to target devices and operating systems. With this new addition, Facebook is all set to give you powers that will help you run better performing, cost effective campaigns.

Will this new Facebook feature help your brand?

Team Position2

September 1, 2014

By Team Position2