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Twitter Launches Objective-based Ads and Pinterest Starts a Messaging Service

Twitter’s Objective-based Ads

Twitter has launched objective-based ad campaigns, reporting and pricing in beta. This is aimed at helping marketers run and optimize marketing campaigns while paying only for actions that are related to their marketing objectives.

Objective-based ad campaigns are now available in beta for SMBs and Twitter’s API partners globally. This feature will be rolled out to managed clients on an invitation basis over the next few months.

Twitter will be providing a customized workflow that is aligned to your campaign’s goals. You can select from a selection of objectives such as, driving Tweet engagement, website clicks or conversions, increase app installs or engagement, adding more followers or gaining more leads. The campaign set up workflow will also recommend the best ad format you can use for your campaign.

The best part of this feature is that you need to pay only when a user takes an action that is aligned with your campaign’s goals. For example, if your campaign objective is to increase followers on Twitter, you will pay only when users click the ‘Follow’ button and start following your brand on Twitter.

Campaign measurement is also more relevant and easy since reports will show only those metrics that are important to your campaign and you can download all campaign data into a CSV file. For instance, for a campaign to increase website clicks, reports will show total number of link clicks.

Being able to create ad campaigns that help achieve specific marketing goals will make it easier for marketers to attain marked goals and measure brand performance better on Twitter. Setting clear campaign objectives will help keep campaigns separate for different goals and avoid situations where investment in a generic campaign did not get the returns you wanted.

Pinterest Conversations

If someone sends you a pin, the recent update by Pinterest will now allow you to reply with a message or send a pin back. You can also send messages and pins to multiple people and pull up conversations from your notifications.

You can save pins directly to a board from the conversation, add it to your favorites’ list and drag and drop pins into the conversation from the home feed.

Businesses can use this feature to brainstorm ideas within the organization. They can encourage employees to share relevant, engaging pins and discuss about the merit of ideas.

Another application for businesses is that they can use the Pinterest messaging feature as a customer service platform. This application is only feasible for small businesses, who can have private conversations with their relatively reduced number of customers. This will help them ensure privacy for all customers while bestowing individual attention on every customer.

Pinterest’s messaging service will also contribute in increasing the engagement levels on Pinterest as users engage more through exchanging pins and messages.

How do Twitter’s objective-based ads score according to you? Do you think Pinterest’s messaging service will benefit users and businesses?

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Team Position2

August 11, 2014

By Team Position2