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Twitter Launches New Analytics Tools

The micro blogging site is sprucing up its analytics dashboard with the launch of new tools that enable marketers to measure all tweets’ performance in depth, including non-sponsored ones (read organic tweets).

Marketers can now see the number of tweet impressions, clicks, expands, re-tweets and profile clicks generated. You can also know the number of new followers you have gained through each tweet. The tweet activity dashboard has been launched around the world and is available to all advertisers, Twitter card publishers and verified users.

Check out the following screenshot that displays the new tools’ capabilities: recent tweets along with impression counts, number of engagements and engagement rate.

Twitter launches new analytics tools

Image courtesy: Ad Age

If you want to view engagement by category, you can click on the numbers, which brings up these details:

Twitter launches new analytics tools

Image courtesy: Ad Age

Effect on marketers

The launch of these tools helps marketers better understand organic content performance on Twitter. What’s more, if a tweet has gone viral and has been re-tweeted a lot, you will be able to view the performance of that particular tweet with a breakdown of how influential each category has been. Viral tweets contribute to an increase in engagement and consistent viral tweeting also boosts your follower base.

The capabilities of these tools help marketers in formulating more engaging organic content strategies for Twitter that will get them better ROI.

Team Position2

July 14, 2014

By Team Position2