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Twitter Launches Event Targeting


Marketers will be able to leverage real-time strategies to reach people engaged with major live events by using Twitter’s new event targeting feature. With this three-stage tool at the ready, brands and marketers can more accurately map new event-based campaigns

Think real-time events and trends like Super Bowl, Grammys, the FIFA World Cup, or Wimbledon. Marketers have relied on manual efforts and guesswork to figure out hashtags, keywords and accounts. With event targeting you can now activate around live moments. It’s quick and easy.

We’ll help you discover and plan for these highlighted moments, learn more about the participating audiences through valuable insights and, with one click, create a campaign that delivers the right message to just the right users as the event unfolds.

How It Works?

Event Calendar

Visit and navigate to the Tools tab. Select “Event calendar” from the dropdown menu. Choose the live events that match your brand’s marketing strategy and goals. For help drilling down to the right selection you’ll find filters by location, date or type of event. Marketers can explore all events months in advance.


Event Insights

To see more information about an event, click on the event and select View More Details.


After identifying events to target, drill down into each event and learn more about the audience based on the previous year’s data — total audience reach, device breakdown, gender. You can also view the highest engaging Tweets from the previous year to get a sense of how the event conversation played out on Twitter.



Event Activation

Click on the Create Campaign link to choose a campaign-based objective and launch a campaign that targets the event.


Target events of your choice with one click campaign creation. Event Targeting may be combined with other key targeting types like gender, language and device so you can reach the right segment of an event audience.

Let us know how you plan to leverage Twitter’s Event Targeting as a part of your marketing strategy?

Team Position2

July 29, 2015

By Team Position2