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Twitter Goes All Out to Expand its Ads Program

The micro-blogging site has been trailing behind the numero uno social networking site, when it comes to number of users as well as earning precious ad revenue. But 2015 seems to the right time for Twitter to close that gap and leapfrog its way to become a leading destination for advertisers to showcase their latest digital promotions.

Going forward, Twitter will be showing ads on third party sites and apps for all those people who see Tweets all over the web without actually using Twitter. This way Twitter can start making money from non-users as well. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the micro-blogging giant made its intent clear about selling ads within streams of Tweets within other publisher’s websites and apps. Initially Twitter is going to have advertisers like ESPN’s SportsCenter app and Flipboard.

Twitter has just announced that it is going to expand its ads mainly in the following two ways –

  • The ability to showcase tweets on a site or app that has the option to enable ads
  • Auto-play feature for video that helps Twitter to have ads like Facebook

Now this is a revolutionary step for the micro-blogging site which is the equivalent of AdSense for social ads. The proposition of ads placed within streams is going to benefit both the publishers and Twitter. The micro-blogging site has made rapid progress with hashtags, Graph Search and video. But this new feature with the ability to profit from showcasing Tweets is something that has got the advertising fraternity quite excited.

Soon Twitter users would be able to see videos being auto-played in their feeds. These videos will initially only play for 6 seconds with the options of playing the full video upon a click. Users, advertisers and media companies will have the option of uploading video directly on Twitter for user consumption. Every time you view a video you will get a list of videos that are related so that you can consume more than one video at a time.

The revenue sharing model with the publishers looks quite promising and advertising with Twitter will never be the same again. The video ads on the other hand will help Twitter to gain back precious views from competing services like Facebook and YouTube.

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Team Position2

January 12, 2015

By Team Position2