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Twitter Buys a Creative ‘Niche’ Company

On February 11, 2015, Twitter acquired Niche. Twitter believes in giving its users the widest variety of tools to create, distribute and manage compelling content on the web. Thus it sees value in Niche as a way of feeding the use of its online services. It can also boost Twitter’s bottom-line since there are a lot of synergies between its own Vine platform and Niche.

‘Niche’ with a tagline of ‘all the world’s creators, in one place’, was founded in the fall of 2013. It is a video sharing platform that helps creators, artists and social media influencers to connect with advertisers online.

Niche today boasts of a community of more than 6000 creative personalities like comedians, photographers, artists, foodies and fashionistas that have an unfair share of fans across the globe. These are the next generation of Picassos and Steven Spielbergs that are creating a lot of buzz across the visual social media. Niche helps these super creative minds to connect with brands and monetize. Brands like Gap, Warner Bros, American Eagle & NFL have leveraged the creative magic and popularity of these stars.

Niche has taken great care to position itself not as a talent agency but as a technology provider that connects with creators on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Niche offers free, cross-platform analytics to help social media creators to know exactly what is and what isn’t working.

Nash Grier, a Vine super genius making branded videos for MTV, Virgin Mobile, et al is pulling in $4,166 per second not far behind Robert Downey Jr. raking in $5,827 per second on the sets of ‘The Avengers’, the highest for any actor in the world!

With the Niche acquisition, Twitter can now scour for talent on the web with its vast reach and deep pockets. This would also appeal to advertisers on Twitter who are looking to reach out to a younger demographic.

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Team Position2

February 13, 2015

By Team Position2