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Top PPC Tools for Keyword and Competitor Analysis

Pay Per Click (PPC) evolves on a regular basis. New phrases are born every day in an ever changing landscape of keywords. Day in and day out digital marketers struggle to create the perfect PPC campaign that delivers consistent results and stays ahead of the competition. Success lies in a thorough analysis of a competitor’s PPC keywords and ads, extracting their data and discovering how it influences conversions. From that, analyze your own ads to see what is missing.

To do this you’ll need to:

  1. Find out who your competitors are
  2. 2 Assess their effectiveness
  3. Determine how they sell
  4. Determine what to extract from their data
  5. Define the size of the opportunity
  6. Estimate how much your competitors invest in paid search
  7. Assess whether you are investing enough in paid search
  8. Optimize your campaigns based on the analysis

Fortunately, there are a lot of third-party tools to help you with your PPC ad campaigns and issues related to keywords, ad copy, profit, budget, competitor analysis and other parameters.

To dig deeper into your competitor’s strategies consider some of these top search marketing tools:

Keyword Competitor - Pay Per Click tool

KeywordCompetitor provides something that Google does not – the ability to access your competitors’ paid keywords, ads and landing pages. Updates are available on a daily basis.


Use this PPC tool to gain insights into your competitor’s most effective keywords, ad copy and ad budgets.


Find your PPC competitors based on the keywords you plan to target. You can also access the ad copy used by the competition, and determine who tops paid search results.

PPC tools for Keyword Analysis - Keyword Spy

Uncover the competitive landscape and discover a competitor’s PPC campaign strategies with KeywordSpy. Pinpoint profitable keywords targeted by the competition and the successful ad copy in which they are used. There is also a unique ROI indicator you can use to judge the value of keywords.

PPC tools for Competitor Analysis - Spyfu

SpyFu maps every place a competitor’s ad has shown up on Google as well as all ad variations used by that competitor.

Adbeat Logo - Pay Per Click tool

Browse top ads and ads by format with Adbeat. It includes an ability to uncover competitor strategies and spy on ad copies with split testing. Adbeat also lists the number of days an ad was live, and the exact dates when it was first and last seen.

Team Position2

August 11, 2015

By Team Position2