Top digital marketing trends for 2020

2020 is here – the start of a new year and a new decade. Over the course of the last decade, digital marketing grew from sea level to the mountains and emerged as an essential part of any business. With the beginning of a new decade, several marketing experts have predicted how the innovations in digital media, platforms, and technology will shape marketing in 2020.

In this article, let’s take a look at the digital marketing trends that the experts believe will be the most beneficial to your business.

Treat personalized marketing as the key to success

This is undoubtedly the most exciting digital marketing trend. Studies have shown that customers feel more attracted to a certain brand when they get personalized marketing messages from them. Brands should look for ways to make every customer feel special, and this should be more than just typing the first name into an email greeting. They should dig deep into the customer’s mind and find out about their liking and what they look for when buying online. Getting personalized messages,offers and alerts on a certain product that your customer may have been looking for can make them buy it instantly. But keep in mind that users do not want to be bombarded with content, especially if it isn’t relevant, so keep your content concise and easily understandable.

Use interactive emails to engage your customers

No matter how much we move forward with technology, the undeniable fact is that Content is still King. Several reports from 2019 suggest that most B2B content is educational, with the intent of fostering leads and building audience trust, two things that are essential for inbound marketing. The latest digital marketing trends show a downfall in text emails and newsletters, and digital marketers are looking to replace these with emails that look and function like web pages, designed with clickable buttons and other interactions. These gleaming designs are doing much more than just creating impressions. They are improving conversions.

Utilize creatives as a serious performance driver

Platforms like Google and Facebook are now capable of understanding which ad images and ad copies will drive the best traction and the best click-through and conversion rates. Given these new capabilities, you should make your creative emerge as a performance driver,carrying equal weight to other key drivers such as audience targeting and placement selection.

Implement product tags to increase eCommerce sales

A few years back, businesses were struggling to direct their social media traffic to their e-commerce stores. But thankfully, they have found an answer to this issue. With social commerce, buying a product directly from social media posts and ads is now possible, and this can be done without even leaving the app or the site. The shoppable posts may not be exactly new but, since the launch of Instagram’s checkout option, this digital marketing trend has become very popular. By giving customers a hassle-free shopping experience directly on social media, you can increase the chances of successful sales conversion.

Update your old content with new keywords

Your site may have old articles that have previously ranked well and have attracted backlinks, but search traffic for those old write-ups may presently not be high. So to maintain your SEO rank, you need to update your old content with new keywords, which will help you to hold your rank. This is one of the most inexpensive and effective digital marketing trends that you should consider.

Invest in a video blog (vlog) and influencers

With the growing success of YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, the popularity of video blogs has skyrocketed. Findingmicro-influencers who have a targeted group of followers and are popular enough to be influential can be very beneficial.They will promote your product with video blogs and help you easily reach more potential customers within your vicinity. Small- and medium-sized businesses are opting to work with small- and medium-sized influencers instead of competing with globally-leading organizations for the top-tier influencers.

We can see that the upcoming trends in digital marketing ask for both more of a human touch and better utilization of technologies. The emphasis is on giving a more personal relationship with extra targeted niches and making better connections using new technologies. The objective still remains the same – getting people everything they want at the same place – with technology making it easier to reach there.

Team Position2

March 5, 2020

By Team Position2