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Thinking Beyond Facebook And Twitter


Who would have thought that Facebook and Twitter could become old dithering platforms bloated with every imaginable brand page? But that’s what your brand is up against. So how do you get seen, become visible, despite all the clutter? The easy way into the light is to move your focus from Facebook and Twitter to newer, ever evolving mainstream platforms. There’s an advantage to this strategy because what’s dominant today may be old news tomorrow. Staying fluid and flexible is a good strategy. Right now is a good time to consider the added perks a brand gets from platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, Tumblr, etc.

instagramCheck it out

Instagram may be one of the fastest growing platforms, but it’s currently underutilized by marketers. Its thriving mobile application connects marketer with target audience at a very personal level. Because Instagram is so simple to use, brands have been able to move away from traditional designs and adapt more natural content. The retail and fashion industry use Instagram to share teaser images of products and “behind the scene” images that push trending. The recent update of Instagram Ads is well worth any marketer’s attention.


Pinterest’s user base has grown by a little more than 50% over last year, and 80% of that audience is female.  Fashion, food and home décor are major points of interest. Creating individual (branded) boards where fan’s pin their contributions is a terrific source of engagement with a target. Curating and sharing user-generated content is every bit as valuable – if not more so – than a brand pinning its own content.  And now with the addition of “buyable pins” retailers have an unprecedented opportunity to use the platform to generate direct sales.


Snapchat, the messenger application that combines the speed of texting with visuals of whatever is around, is a rising favorite among marketers. It’s also the third most popular app among the 18 – 34 year olds. The limited life span of content on Snapchat means brands are only as good as their last snap. You can feature many clips in a row, getting as creative and quirky as you want. Consider a Snapchatting campaign with a celebrity endorsing your brand. That would add a glamour quotient to your snaps.

periscopeOver 80% of the Twitter audience uses mobile devices, so Periscope –Twitter’s live streaming application — paves the way for brands to interact with consumers in real time. They can build a more personal relationship with the audience, lending real-time access to special moments like product launches, events and customer care support. Celebrity take overs can be adapted to good effect along with answering questions live and behind the scene activities.

But wait, there’s more

A marketer might want to consider Fyuse. Create a 360 degree view and apply 3D tagging to the images. Watch out Instagram. Or Tinder. Yes, this popular dating app has been used by brands for everything from supporting a social cause to generating a viral social media storm. Imagination is a marketer’s best friend. Conventionality is like a sinking stone.

Social media platforms have been evolving at such a rapid pace that marketers must either keep up or fall by the way. It doesn’t matter what the focus of the platform might be, brands need  to optimize their presence on Social by  being candid, making the personal/emotional connection, and working the real-time for all it worth.

Team Position2

September 16, 2015

By Team Position2