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The Super Bowl 2015 – Digital Marketers Can’t Get Enough!

A record 111 million viewers in 2014 alone, out of which over 50% tune in just to watch the commercials! Now that is manna from heaven for any advertiser worth his salt. A 30-second TV spot is worth a staggering 4 million dollars! Now that we have your undivided attention, let’s get to the issue of how lucrative this Super bowl can be and also let you in on the secret of immensely benefiting from it if you are a digital marketer!


The television is the centre of the Super Bowl action. It has been so since a long time and will remain so at least in the very near future. But digital marketers need not lose hope as it is much more than just showcasing your latest creatives on TV. Some of the most aggressive brands create their digital advertising campaigns weeks in advance of the actual action. This gives them the much needed stickiness factor and it creates an atmosphere of anticipation and surprise. It has been proven that brands that promote teaser campaigns well in advance reap the benefits of broader reach and circulation. TV ads might not be everybody’s cup of tea but that need not deter you from creating an online marketing blitzkrieg!

A well known brand like Snickers promised to release its TV ad only if its social media campaign attracted 2.5 million views before the big kickoff! All this creates a lot of positive buzz around the brand which is music to the ears of digital marketers. Today in an interconnected world it is not hard to accomplish a holistic branding exercise with synergy coming into play.

You can create longer form, online targeted content beyond the blink-and-you-miss-it 30-second TV spot in order to ensure greater customer engagement. If your TV commercial is a runaway success then you can reap the benefit of this bonhomie in the digital world too. TV viewers that love your commercials will surely talk about it on social networking sites, search for it on their smart phones, view it again on YouTube, and most importantly share it with friends. This can give digital marketers real insights into who are the people that are interested in their brands, thus assisting in deploying targeted advertising to these people.

It is all about getting your act together and synchronizing all your digital touch-points in order to ensure a remarkable touchdown (if we may borrow a term from the Super Bowl!).

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Team Position2

January 29, 2015

By Team Position2