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Social Media User Engagement – Facebook is Still King [Study]

Facebook is King

Many social networks were launched in the last few years and attained a respectable amount of popularity. They’ve found their place in brands’ social strategies.

But, it looks like Facebook is not relinquishing its hold on the market anytime soon…

A recent study by Pew Research Center found that Facebook is the dominant network for user engagement followed by LinkedIn and Pinterest. 71% adults had Facebook accounts in 2013 as opposed to 22% and 21% on LinkedIn and Pinterest respectively.

What Facebook is also succeeding in is drawing users to login multiple times in a day. While 63% of Facebook users check the site at least once a day, 40% login multiple times.

According to the study, 36% adults use only one social network. A whopping 84% of those who use only one major social network said that Facebook is the chosen site.

How does this affect B2B marketers in specific?

Facebook is an indispensable part of most marketers’ social strategy. B2B marketers are also using Facebook organically and through paid ads for various purposes ranging from building a strong audience base to selling their products.

The principles of using Facebook for marketing don’t change too much whether it is B2B customers or B2C customers. Brands still have to build a fan base, target them with relevant content, engage them and try to convert them.

It’s important to remember that most people visit Facebook for personal and not professional reasons. So it’s best for marketers to engage with the personal side of the prospect and target him when he is ‘off guard’. GE does this brilliantly with various subtle messages, contests, and trivia such as, the picture of a particular mobile power plant displayed on their Facebook page that weighs 2300 tonne!

The B2B buying process is different from the B2C process and wherein buyers are likely to require more engagement and information before they take a decision. Subtle, but interesting engagement can help build predisposition towards the brand. Visual content can engage the eyes, ears and mind and communicate information powerfully. This can influence the buyer’s decision, which can be critical when it comes to choosing between companies that don’t have significant differentiation.

Facebook, like other social sites, is all about content and an added advantage is that it has a wider base of visitors than others who visit it more often. This is a compelling combination and probably the reason why so many B2B brands like CISCO, Dell, Fluke and GE use it to promote their brands.

If you think Facebook is all about consumer marketing and LinkedIn is only about business, think again! Facebook can be a powerful tool for B2B marketers too if used well. Do you know of any B2B brands that are doing a great job on Facebook? Let us know.

Image Source: Outsourced Communications

Team Position2

January 20, 2014

By Team Position2