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The Secret to Successful Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the scale against which an organization can perceive the value of its prospects. Successful lead scoring leads to increased sales efficiency and effectiveness as well as tighter marketing and sales alignment.

There are 2 fit categories that define the success of lead scoring: Explicit and Implicit. The secret to successful lead scoring

Here is an excerpt from our soon-to-be released white paper on persona-based lead scoring:

“Explicit lead scoring refers to declarations about demographic data, which are indicative of one’s profile. BANT components are largely explicit in nature and are dependent on self declaration. So, they are limited to the extent of anonymity the lead wants to have…Implicit scoring signals refer to behavioral activities such as visits to product pages, thought leadership articles and others, which are generally segmented into early, mid and late stage content”.

Interested in knowing more? Watch out for our white paper on persona-based lead scoring

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Team Position2

June 3, 2014

By Team Position2