Salesforce Makes a Big Splash with Wave

Salesforce, the global cloud computing company best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool- is getting Salesforceinto the big data arena with the launch of its new product ‘Wave‘. This Analytics Cloud platform Wave creates sales, service and marketing analytics that can be read on desktops and mobile devices alike. It can be used to derive more insights from data within Salesforce products or it can also be deployed to extract value from imported third-party data residing on various platforms including machine-generated data.

Wave is a pioneering cloud analytics platform designed to meet the needs of all business users regardless of their size. It makes extracting useful data and discovering new insights easier, thus, assisting in taking actionable decisions faster.

According to IBM business intelligence, 90% of all data today has been generated in the last two years; no wonder we live in an era of constant information overload! When there is some much data around we need proper visualization of patterns and situations as much as we need number-crunching. The Salesforce Wave is a platform that attempts to give us a 360 degree view and access to data assimilation, going forward.

According to Alex Dayon, the President of Products at Salesforce, “Analytics is a $42 billion industry, and people need a new cloud-based platform for it.” Wave is filling that digital void between enterprises and their customers giving them a single platform by which they can communicate and coordinate. This will help Salesforce to go beyond traditional sales and marketing customers to deliver mobile first visualizations of data beyond that which exists on the global CRM giant’s platform.

Digital Marketers will Benefit Immensely

Today all the information that goes into social networking sites, search engines, net banking, and digital communication can all be aggregated and analyzed to take actionable decisions using Wave. This will help businesses understand their customers better and create personalized marketing campaigns with the upshot of boosting sales. The real benefit of this platform is that it is going to democratize data in hitherto unheard ways. Even smaller business entities can immensely benefit from this new Salesforce Wave launch at Dreamforce 2014, San Francisco. It could be used as an analytics front-end to human resources, supply chain and manufacturing data. Digital marketers could build custom mobile analytics apps by making use of any data source available. Hence Wave is a great leveler, bridging the divide between the big and the small at least in the digital data forum. The potential is immense and we are only beginning to scratch the surface of things that are going to manifest in the not so distant future.

Are you as excited as we are about this new Wave launch from Salesforce? Please do let us know.


Team Position2

October 14, 2014

By Team Position2