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The Role of Content Curation in Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently published its report on Content Marketing trends for 2016. It lays out some of the key challenges that marketers face today. As the graph below shows, the major hurdle for marketers lies in producing engaging content itself, according to over 55% of those polled.

Top Challenges For B-to-C Content Marketers

Content 1

The poll also tells us that consistently producing a variety of content—and having the budget required to do so—are significant challenges to many marketers. Content Curation is one solution to these challenges. So what exactly is it, and how does it help marketers achieve the desired ROI? Content Curation can be defined as the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

Key Steps In The Content Curation Process

  • Find interesting content from other people and sources
  • Use curation platforms to add descriptions and make the content more engaging
  • Add more visuals to the article
  • Elaborate on the content in about 200 words; ensure that the article is SEO-friendly
  • Publish it (but don’t forget to cite the original article or credit the author)

Distributing Curated Content

The task of a content marketer doesn’t end with curation. It is equally important to distribute curated content to get results. So let’s look at key aspects of how to optimize and distribute curated content.

  • Convert curated blog posts into informational e-books
  • Create emailers and newsletters with curated content
  • Use paid channels such as for better performance
  • Create rich-media versions of curated content and syndicate on Slideshare
  • Publish on LinkedIn and other popular social channels

How effective can content curation be? Here’s an example:

Content 3Image Source 

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