R.E.M. – Why Mobile is Essential

The first and second blog in this series discussed the importance of relevance and engagement when it comes to your paid acquisition landing page. The third key to success is mobile experience. An increasingly large audience use Mobile devices to search, access their Facebook feed, read content, interact with businesses, and make purchases. However, many companies haven’t optimized their sites for mobile yet. As a result, they suffer from slow load times, which in turn increases user abandonment and impacts SEO and Adwords ranking.

Here are a few critical elements to keep in mind:

  1. As a marketer, you need to make sure your landing page loads quickly once a user clicks on your ad.
    A mobile friendly site is essential for making sure your site’s visitors complete their objective. Therefore, the mobile site has to be optimized, keeping in mind the ‘Mobile Customers’ and their interactions on the site.
  2. With restricted real estate, mobile and the on-the-go consumer mind-set, you want to make sure your prospects or customers quickly find what they need. So prioritize the content and keep the most important one above the fold.
  3. It is perfectly fine if you have a long scroll page, but make sure your offer has enticing information as users scroll up and down. Keep the most important information up top, evaluate how your form fits in the small space on mobile, and do not force fit your form. Use a sticky CTA – i.e. one that scrolls up and down with the user. This way your CTA is always in front of the user.

In the digital marketing world, the user is in control. So give them the information they seek, and let them make a decision. Forcing your objectives on to users will result not only in page abandonment, but also in potential brand abandonment.

Sajjan Kanukolanu

October 23, 2017

By Sajjan Kanukolanu